New Parents

You probably have a lot of questions before sending your child to StartBright. This page will be able to answer many of them and give you an insight into how well we can meet your child’s needs.  Click on any of the resources below to find out more information about how we work.

1. Complete Enrolment Form

Our enrolment form helps us collect information about you and your child so that we adhere to Child Care Preschool Services Regulations 2006. This will include contact details, educational background, and dietary requirements. We also ask for information on your child and their interests so we can provide them with a positive beginning to StartBright. Please click here so we can redirect you tot eh page.

2. Read Parent Guides

Our parent handbook provides you with a general overview of StartBright, our mission, values and also how we operate on a day to basis. This is to ensure that you are supported form the very beginning in your journey with StartBright. Our aim is to work in partnership with our parents so we provide open and honest communication from the beginning. Please click below to access.

3. Read our Policies

To ensure you understand StartBright fully and know how we operate our Policies and Procedures are found here. Please read over these so that you can become familiar with how we operate. Please click to access our policy manual.

4. Download our app

StartBright uses Child Paths to document your child’s learning journey. In the app you will see photographs, activities they engaged in and observations that their key worker has documented. It provides real time updates on sleep, meal and toileting and allows you to contact your child’s educators to give feedback or pass on a message you may have forgotten to say. Click here for more information on downloading the app.