Emotional development

Emotional development is something that we focus on throughout all experiences in StartBright. We understand that life can be difficult to negotiate, emotions can be hard to regulate and resilience is something that needs to be practiced again and again. One way we do this is by checking in with children and having conversations about how they are feeling, how they feel in different scenarios and how they can find solutions to problems they are facing. Why not try this over the weekend? Use a meal time to focus on talking about emotions, play a board game to build up that resilience, or even just talk of times that you felt, happy, sad,scared or frustrated and see what they reply? Communication about feelings and how we act is the best way for children to understand emotions, their own and others!

Also another great sensory experience to try, gloop! Two cups of corn flour to one cup of water, a dash of food colouring to colour. And, watch the magic happen!