Early learning in the heart of your community.

Why we exist

We are passionate about the positive impact early learning can have on children. It’s in their early years when our children are at their most curious, their most receptive, and their most vulnerable. Early childhood care and education can have a profound and long-lasting impact – not only on the lives of individual children, but on society as a whole.

We especially champion early learning in communities experiencing disadvantage, and we accept all funding available to parents, thus allowing every child to have an equal opportunity.

As a charity run by a volunteer Board of Management, we adhere to strict professional standards, so you can always be sure we are delivering our families the best possible services we can.

Our Story

In 2011, four of the community-based early learning centres in the Dublin West area merged together in order to provide improved services and increased opportunities for local children and their families. The decision to amalgamate has been very successful, and we’ve continued to grow within our communities, opening our centres (and our hearts!) to even more children.

In order to communicate our services more thoroughly, and to demonstrate the value that early learning has, not only on an individual child, but an entire community, we decided that a rebrand was in order. Renaming ourselves as StartBright allowed us to refresh our image and convey our more thoughtful approach to childcare and early learning.

We are different to other childcare and early learning providers because we are a non-profit, and are advocates of families and communities experiencing disadvantage. Your financial background is never a barrier for us, and whatever funding is available to you we will gladly accept.

Our Values

  • Child-centred
  • Inclusive
  • Excellence
  • Non-Judgemental
  • Honest

Our Fees

The aim at StartBright is that our fees are at a level where local families are able to access our services, and we happily accept all forms of subsidy.

We’re constantly reviewing our running costs, so we’re able to provide our early learners with the best possible start in life – without putting a financial strain on their families.

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Our Structure

One thing that makes us unique at StartBright, is that we’re an Irish registered charity. We receive funding from different agencies who support our work, and we’re governed by a voluntary Board of Management, all of whom bring years of experience and expertise to the table.

As a charity and a community service run by a Board, we have strict requirements we need to meet, which ensures that the quality of the service we provide is of the highest standards of care and education. We also constantly review our fee structure, and accept all subsidies available to parents, so that you never have to compromise the quality of your childcare.

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