From our curriculum and  parent communication to fees and funding – find out everything you need to know right here!

Providing the best service

You probably have a lot of questions before sending your child to preschool. This page will be able to answer many of them, and give you an insight into how well we can meet your child’s needs.

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StartBright Newsletter

Our second edition of the StartBright newsletter is finally here. StartBright will upload a new newsletter bimonthly where you can see the inner workings of our curriculum and how our values and pedagogy influence the children’s day. We incorporate all our services in each edition so you can see the learning opportunities of all the children who attend StartBright.

Learning at StartBright

Síolta is the quality framework for all services working with young children, and Aistear is the early years’ curriculum that we follow, designed for all early educational settings.

Meals and Nutrition

We provide our children with seasonal, nutritionally-balanced meals, and a variety of menus. Our kitchens and staff are fully compliant with health and safety regulations, so your mind is always at ease.


We are delighted to introduce you to Little Vista. Stay connected to your child throughout the day with real-time updates, and by downloading the app on your phone it helps us stay paper-free!

Fees and Funding

We are constantly reviewing our overheads to provide our families with the best possible service at the most affordable prices. We are also happy to inform you that there are three different forms of subsidy you can avail of.

Parent Handbook

We’ve just created our Parent Handbook. This handbook highlights our values and curriculum so you are more informed of the StartBright way.  We champion a child led emergent curriculum where learning experiences are responsive to the needs of children, families and communities. Located in a warm, safe and welcoming environment children can begin their life long learning journey which is underpinned by the quality principles and practices of Aistear and Síolta.

Enrollments for September 2021 are now open

Dear Families,

With all our services now back open, we are delighted to look forward to introducing new families to our centres. Enrollments for September 2021 are now open. To find out more information on each of our services please look through our website. There is also an option to request a call back should you need more information. We are very excited to welcome new families into our StartBright community and look forward to continue to work in partnership with our existing families too.

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We always keep up with the latest guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children and educators at StartBright. Please find all the information about Covid 19 in the link below

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